Lightness of Being

by Reonda

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released January 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Reonda Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Endless Chain of Lies
I live a quiet life, I have a quiet home
And in my quiet room I cried

Looking out those frames, where everything looks the same
Except for when it rains sometimes

And it gets hard to sing when your heart is in pain
And your voice is strained from crying

So tell me why this pain is all that remains
Is life an endless chain of lies?
Track Name: Girl and the Sea
I heard a story about this girl
She was lost in her own little world

And every morning she walks to the sea
And waits for sunset just to keep her mind free

From all the voices that makes the noises
In her head, they drove her mad
If there were choices, to live or end this
She'll end this now, without a doubt

With all the voices that makes her voiceless
In her head, they drove her mad
If she had choices, to live or end this
She'll end this now, without a doubt
Track Name: Our Last Drink
Seems as though we're nowhere near our hearts
Seems like we've been drifting in the dark
Drink up with me this could be our/the last
Promises made lost inside our chest

I'll confess my love for you tonight
Undress my soul and step into the light
Let me softly kiss your lips with mine
And taste the bittersweetness from the wine
Track Name: State of Mind
You took me for a ride
There are feelings I can't describe
I was glad you were by my side
And you said everything's gonna be alright

We drove under the sky, one day in the middle of July
The road was open wide, and the air was stale and dry

And i knew it was time, I had to leave it all behind
Fear is a state of mind, yet it leaves some of us confined
Track Name: Luck
When times were tough
I had you as my luck
We stayed together
And that was enough

For sure it was rough
It felt like we were stuck
But we stayed together
And that was enough

Thank you for waiting so patiently
Now i’m seeing you were meant for me
Thank you for walking through with me
Now i’m seeing we were meant to be
Track Name: Tonight in Mexico
The night is young and slow
The stars up high they glow
This place we fear to go
Afraid of what's unknown

With bottle in our hands
The rolling sea and sand
And so we'll take our chance
Tonight in Mexico

So please take the lead
And show me to the deep
From the cliff we'll leap
I'll find you in my sleep
Track Name: Peter Pan
Won’t you take my hand?
Tonight you’ll be my Peter Pan
We’ll fly our way to Neverland
A place where no one gives a damn

I’ll wander into the woods with you
Get lost till we find out way through
And that’s what we’re suppose to do
In a place where time don’t set the rule

No rules, just me and you
Playing fools, that’s all we’ll do
Track Name: Staring Through Windows
Staring through those windows all day
Through the night all the time
I let the world past me by
So I get left behind
Through the shaded glass
I watched as you shine
How could I forget the time you replied

Suddenly I started to cry
Till my eye both went blind
I let your voice be my guide
Deep inside it’s no surprise
Through the shaded glass
I watched as you shine
How could I forget the time you replied